Image showing the Front Part of Google Home Hub

Google on its Key Note event held on 9th of October 2018, announced 3 products namely Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub. Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub were surprise for me as I sat to watch the launch event. I have already discussed about the Pixel slate and Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL you can check them out, since we have not spoke about the Google Home Hub finally it’s time for it.

Let’s discus what Google Home Hub is offering for us, what all features it has and what all it can do for you while it sits on desk of your living room.

Image Showing the Back side of google Home Hub
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Features of Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub is a smart speaker which comes with a display installed on it and it is also powered by Google Assistant.


The gadget is having a 7inch display which is an LCD Display. The display of the gadget is having special sensor called, Ambient EQ Light Sensor which is capable of adjusting the brightness of the screen depending upon the time of the day and the environment in which it is present.


The gadget comes with the stereo speaker which are dual front firing speakers. These speakers are capable of full range and are having the multi room support. The speakers are 80dB Spl @1khz.


Google Home Hub is Completely powered by Google Assistant and can perform all the tasks of an assistant. The device is also having the 2x far filed micro-phone installed so that it can listen to you even from far distance.


Google Home Hub will be totally controlled by the WIFI Network and Bluetooth connections. The WIFI capacity is a dual band 802ac WIFI. The Bluetooth present on the home hub is a Bluetooth 5.0.

How Google Home Hub is Powered?

The Google Home hub needs continuous power supply to be able to function and it has no battery built in. The Power Adapter is 15W and the length of the cable is 1.5meters.

So, these were the Tech specs of the Google Home Hub but it is more than that. Google Home Hub is powered by google assistant and it can perform some cool stuff than the normal assistant powered speakers some of them are as below.

Act as Photo Frame:

Google Home Hub Pics the best pictures that you have took of you, your family or any other photos and makes a picture carousel so that, when you come home after a long tiring work day you can fell relaxed and refreshed seeing those pictures.

Voice Commands:

You already know that google assistant is the king in answering the voice commands. Now it has been more powerful that it can talk to your friends and can attend your business calls. Now you can add items to shopping list just by your voice.

Match Your Voice:

The Assistant is so intelligent that it can recognize who is speaking to it and will deliver the quick reads on the screen such as scheduled meetings, calendar, commute and some important news that you can here.

Smart Controller:

Google Home Hub can act as the smart controller of various smart home appliances such as temperature monitor and many others which supports more than 5000 products from 400 brands.

  • Google Home Hub is kitchen friendly device. It will help you in preparing your favorite dish while you not touching the display.
  • It is capable of Playing just the audio from your favorite music videos.
  • When You Buy this gadget, it will come with the 6 months of YouTube Premium for free.
  • It helps you have the control of what content the family sees.
  • The google Home Hub is available in 4 colours which are having the custom skins.

These are the special and interesting things that make a smart speaker even smarter. It will be incomplete if we don’t speak for the pricing of this device and its availability of it in India.

The Price:

The Google Home Hub is priced at whopping $149. Which is little costly considering it is just a smart speaker but after knowing what it is offering it is definitely a worth product. When we see the Indian pricing of it, $149 converts to Rs. 10,910.  Currently the Gadget is not available in India but on the launch event Google has promised that it will soon arrive to India.

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