Earn Money Online!! 5 best ways to make money online

Earn Money online yes today’s topic which is going to be addressed is how to earn money online.

The topic sounds easy but it’s not as easy as you think it is, here it requires dedication, hard and smart work, good content, people and media. If you are a dedicated person and willing to work hard and smartly and don’t want a 9 to 5 boring job, definitely this topic is for you.

So a question will arise how I can make money online, yes it should be coming and it is even right thinking how one can make money online.

Below are some of the popular ways through which you can make money online. So let’s begin the journey of making money online.

1: Earn money from Facebook:

We all know what Facebook is and it doesn’t need an introduction so let’s directly discus how can we earn money from Facebook. For this you need to have a profile in Facebook so now what you need do is to create a Facebook page and it is free of cost Facebook will not ask you any money for it. Give your page a catchy or easy to remember or which people can connect with it easily and understand what your page is about. Now comes the big task of creating the content, content can be in any form here but it should be connectable and should make sense make people laugh, give information, spread knowledge but remember that people should be attracted towards your content. Once your page starts receiving the traffic and people start recognizing and trusting your content now you can start the game you can associate with brands by making self-promotions and keep tagging and mentioning the brand which all you want to associate with here your content should match the audience and the brands customers. If you are videographer and likes to film then this is much simpler for you Facebook has started advertising on the videos too so it’s a great opportunity for you to make money online.

2: Earn Money from YouTube:

YouTube is a google owned company and also a very popular platform to make money online as well as you can make career out of this platform. This is the easiest platform to earn money online but here you can only use the video format of the content. How can you make money here well here it is, Create a Channel and upload a video and biggest thing here you need to have is patience your video needs to earn minimum number of views and it should be of certain length so that you can monetize your content. So creating the content which never gets old as the time passes will fetch you huge money. Keep uploading your videos continuously so that your subscribers are increased day by day and video by video, the only platform through which you can go viral and can become internet sensation.

3: Earn Money from Blogging:

Earning money from website/blog needs a lot of effort and smartness and commitment because in this world everyday millions together websites are created people has to choose your website/blog so that your website is preferred over the others.  What you need to do to earn money from your blog follow the steps below to earn money online.

1: You need to buy a domain from the domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Big Rock, Name Cheap, and Etc.

2: You need to buy a hosting plan so that you can host your website, hosting plans are offered by the domain registrars you can buy from them or you can buy it from third party again it’s your choice at the end.

3: Start publishing you articles focusing on a particular topics along with that you need to have the search engine optimized content and headline so that your website is appeared first when a person puts a particular keyword on any of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex.

4: Its time that you need to optimize your website for user experience as well as for the Google AdSense Approval through which you can advertise and can earn money. Once you have the google AdSense approved account and website by displaying the advertisements on your website and articles you can make money.

The money here you make is small but it is also one of the popular way to make money online.

4: Earn Money by Becoming Social Media Influencer:

Who is a Social Media Influencer? A Person who is popular on social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Snap Chat Etc. can become social media influencer. How? If you have big number of people following you on any of these or on all of these you can become one by recommending the products of a brands to your followers on these platforms regularly and should be using on self. When brands get to know that through you people can be attracted then Brands will approach you and you can start the paid promotions campaigns on your social media accounts for which brands will pay you for recommending their products.

5: Earn Money through online Jobs:

This is the hardest yet possible way to make money online. What are online Jobs? Online Jobs are the out sourced parts of particular project which a company or an individual is working on which are published on a particular platform for ex. Fiverr.

What you need to do:

1: Create a profile and a portfolio of your work on the Fiverr website.

2: Acquire some certificates from its recommendations to start bidding for the job posted by the people (Certificates are not necessarily be acquired if you already has one)

3: Keep bidding for the jobs posted on its dashboard which your skills sets are matching and the work which you want to do and you can do within the time mentioned by the job poster finish the project and submit to receive the payment. If the work is liked by the job poster he will choose your application first next time over others.

There are a lot of websites which are available but which we prefer is fiverr as it is more trusted and vastly used.

So these are some of the popular ways to make money or earn money online sitting at your home and avoiding the 9-5 Job.

Remember this for all time nothing comes at free you have to pay for it some or the other way if it is not you somebody would have paid for it. Have Patience and be regular and work hard and smartly that’s the key to success.

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