new Apple Watch Series 4

Apple announced their new set of devices in the recent launch event which also included the new Apple Watch Series 4 which is the successor of Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 4
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Apple has changed many things in the new Apple Watch Series 4 which are explained below:

Display and Design:

The new Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two sizes i.e 40mm and 44mm. The display is larger by 30% compared to the previous watch. The watch face is redesigned with more graphical and detailed information on the screen.

The looks of the watch is almost similar to its predecessors but there is a new digital crown with haptic feedback. The back of the Series 4 watch is made up of black ceramic and sapphire crystal, which allows the radio waves to pass through the front and back of the watch.

Chipset and Battery:

The new Apple Watch Series 4 has Apple’s  next generation S4 chipset with 64bit dual core processor which performs twice faster when compared to previous watches.

The speaker of this watch is completely redesigned which performs 50% more effectively,and the placement of microphone is changed to the opposite side of the watch which reduces the echo and makes the phone calls much clear.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 has the same battery life of 18 hours as compared to the previous models.Apple has incresed the workout time to six hours, with full GPS tracking which even helps for the bikers during the long rides.

OS and Health Features:

The new Apple Watch Series 4 runs on the Apples new watchOS 5 which comes with the lot of new features like enhanced fitness,health tracking,walkie-talkie mode and many more.

The watch has too many health features,It can now detect the fall by analyzing the wrist trajectory and the impact force and speed.It will initiate the emergency call if you are immobile for more than 1 minute,through the SOS feature watch sends a message and a call to the emergency contact which has been set by you.

The older models of Apple watch had a heart rate sensor which would sense the heart rate and sense the calories burned,resting rate of heart and many more. The new Apple Watch Series 4 offers a new features, you will receive a notification on the screen of your watch when heart rate becomes low which means that the heart is not pumping the enough blood required for the body.

The Apple watch is now able to track the heart rhythm in the background,it will send a notification when the irregular rhythm is found which could cause the atrial fibrillation,while the device could not diagnose the problem so consult the doctor immediately.

The one of the main and impressive feature of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is that the built-in electrical heart rate sensor. Built in to the back of the watch,users can now take electrocardiogram(ECG) which is the  first of its  kind in smartwatch this will measure electrical activity of the heartbeat in order to diagnose the heart disease and other conditions.

You will be able to take an ECG anywhere,anytime straight away from the wrist by placing the finger on the digital crown and can share the ECG with a doctor for more help and details.

The Breathe app, which many use for meditation or to lower their heart rate, will now be available as a watch face. That way, you will be able to use it by simply raising your wrist to allow the Breathe app to guide you through deep breaths.

Apple has also received the clearance from the Food and Drug administration.


The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399 where as the cellular model is available for $499. The Apple Watch Series 4 is now available for pre-order only in the U.S., with availability beginning from September 21.

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