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Fitness trackers are also called as the activity trackers, it connects to your phone and will rest on your wrist and do the task of continuously monitoring your activity and help you in keeping your physic fit and attractive.

Fitness trackers are now becoming the part of everybody’s lifestyle. Having a good physic is important in this world as it is a measure of judgement for many people. These fitness trackers will come in handy for the people who has a very busy life style and want to have a track on their physical activity. They also help in the daily workouts and exercises, monitoring your weight, your steps count, calories burnt, sleep patterns and hearts activity.

If you are one who has the above kind of lifestyle and want to have watch on your physical fitness then this article is definitely for you. Let’s look at 5 such fitness trackers which you can buy right now and can have the continuous watch on your physical fitness.

5 Best Fitness Trackers are As below:

  1. Fastrack Reflex:

Fastrack Reflex is a fitness tracker made by Fastrack, the company which also makes watches, sunglasses and clothing. This activity tracker is also a budget friendly and is offering many features such as

  • Available in Black Blue and Purple colours.
  • The Dial is the OLED display.
  • Has the ability to connect to Android and iOS using its own application called Reflex.
  • Will notify when your phone receives the call or any notification.
  • It comes with the footsteps counter calories counter sleep monitoring and distance tracking features.
  • Has the IPX6 rating for water resistant.

The fitness tracker is priced at Rs. 1496 at this price point it lacks the features of heart beat rate monitor, and some clock functions which are acceptable considering the price point.

  1. MI Band 3:

Xiaomi is the very well-known brand for its mobile phones in India. The person who owns a MI product will definitely know that they are also into manufacture of activity trackers. They have the series of products in this segment such as MI Band, MI Band 2 and MI Band HRX Edition and the newest MI Band 3.

Features of MI Band 3:

  • The Display is 0.78inch OLED Display with touch screen.
  • Has the Bluetooth and NFC support
  • It has the real time display of exercise duration, mileage and heart rate.
  • It comes with more accurate pedometer, heart rate sensor, sleep quality monitoring and sedentary monitoring.
  • You can swim up to 50meter deep inside the water which means that it is also water resistant.

The Xiaomi MI Band 3 is not yet officially available in India, so when we refer to price it is set around $37 which in turn will cost in India at Rs. 3199.

  1. Huami Amazfit Cor

The Amazfit Cor fitness band or fitness tracker is manufactured and marketed by Huami and company which is owned by Xiaomi. This is the best fitness tracker which is available at this price point. So, what is it offering at what price lets discus that.

Features of Amazfit Cor;

  • The fitness tracker comes with an LCD touch screen display which has the size of 1.23inch having the gorilla glass and anti-fingerprint coating etc.
  • Tracking features such as Footsteps, Heart Rate monitoring, sleep quality tracker, special modes such as treadmill mode, sports mode with the more detailed insights.
  • This activity tracker is also compatible with android and ios devices connected through the mobile app. It also has the notification alert for calls messages and mobile app notifications.
  • The band comes with the water resistance feature even at the depth of 50meters inside the water.

The Fitness Band is the best among the all other fitness band. The Amazfit cor is available on amazon at Rs. 3999 which will definitely be worth your money.

  1. Huawei Smart Band 2:

Huawei is also a well-known brand for its smartphones as the Xiaomi. The company is also into manufacture of accessories so the company has been manufacturing the smart bands which are same as activity trackers. Let’s see what Huawei Smart Band 2 is coming with.

Features of Huawei Smart Band 2:

  • The Smart Band has the display size of 1.2inchs with the IPS LCD touch screen display.
  • This smart band is a water proof band which can survive up to 5ATM of water pressure.
  • The Band 2 has GPS enabled in it which helps in keeping track of all movements
  • It also has the coach built in which helps you in your performance of running speed and endurance. It also has the heart rate monitor breathing and other biometric features.
  • The Pro version of this band comes with a special feature called VO2Max which helps you monitor the oxygen consumption measured in incremental exercise.
  • The band connects with the IOS and Android devices with the particular application and will allow you to have the notification of calls, messages and mobile app notifications.

The Huawei Smart Band 2 is one among those fitness trackers gives you value for the money you pay. The Huawei Smart band 2 is Available at the Price of Rs. 4203 on Amazon.

  1. Fitbit Flex:

Fitbit is the full-time manufacturer of health care devices. The company also manufacture the activity trackers which are best in the segment. Company is pro in manufacture of smart bands and health care devices they have wide variety of fitness products to choose from.

They are mainly known for their accuracy, durability and pricing. As they offer an activity tracker which doesn’t has a display but is still the best in all, let’s find out how.

Features of Fitbit Flex:

  • You will be able to track steps, calories burnt and active minutes.
  • This is very thin band which can be hidden in straps, pendants and bangles.
  • It is swim proof, life proof and shower and pool and beyond.
  • Smart track automatically recognizes select workouts and records them to your Fitbit app
  • It can also track how well you slept and can set a silent alarm to wake with the small vibrations
  • Get call and text notifications on your wrist with unique vibration patterns and color-coded LED lights
  • LED display lights up to show progress toward your daily goal

That is why everyone says it as the pro when it comes to the healthcare devices, and activity trackers. The Fitbit Flex will cost you Rs. 3599 on amazon.

These are the 5best fitness trackers which you can buy right now. All the products which are chosen are in point of view of similar specification and not the price points. Only to make it easier for decision making the price points are some times quoted obviously.  You will find the links to all the fitness trackers below so that you need not to go and hit the search words.

Fastrack Reflex

MI Band 3

Huami Amazfit Cor

Huawei Smart band 2

Fitbit Flex

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